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Honest Day’s Work



And don’t underestimate Minesweeper…that game’s too hard for my liking. I like regular solitaire more. Not that I’ve been playing either…

Now go do your survivor thing and I’ll do my CEDA thing.


((So…hiatus…yeah…let’s just…broom that dirty word under the rug, yeah? Been having a rough time irl and honestly can’t focus on much, but hopefully it won’t hinder this blog anymore than it already has! To sai! -zooms off-

By the way, if anyone ever wants to add more feedback forms,could you kindly click over here and add to the chain? A very special someone actually made the feedback form for me and I would very much appreciate the fact that she gets credit where it’s due, and it also keeps everything neat and tidy. Thanks a bunch, everyone, for the patience and I will draw everything with zephyr!))



((Our [Halloween weekend gaming event] (<— click here for full info) is starting soon! Still time to join in!

Remember you need to contact one of us via Steam if you want to play!

[ask-rochelle-dear] (me)

Also joining us will be [askfrancisandlouis]!))

We are streaming! Come drop by to watch some shenanigans with us!

(Source: askrochelledear)

L4D2 Versus Event



((Hey there guys! Long time no see! 8D

So I’ll get straight to the point.
Since it’s coming close to Halloween and Valve has so graciously given L4D2 a free weekend, a couple friends and I came up with the idea of hosting a series of games so that people who’ve recently downloaded/already own it will have someone to play with and just meet new people in general! :D

The event will begin today, Saturday, October 27th at 6 PM EST! And go on late from then. If you’d like to join in, feel free to contact either of the three mods: me/Hunter, Rochelle, or CEDA via tumblr or Steam. In order to play, you’ll need to add one of us on Steam to receive an invite to the game. It’d be great if you introduced yourself as well so we know who is who.

If you have any questions send them to any of the three mods and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Happy Halloween. Eat much candy and shoot many zombies!))

((Yes, yes! Come play with us!

Remember, though—we’re here to enjoy the game guys, so be nice if you come play, yeah? <3 Rochelle and I only want to play with coolcats who like to have fun! Nick’s got the grumpy thing down—let him handle that.))

((Lots of fun to be had! Here to show you a few tips and tricks and just have some ugly laughing fun! Remember to help each other out, too! No one gets left behind! CEDA reminds you to stay with your group and don’t try and speed-run! Some people are new and aren’t probably as used to the game as you are. We three have mics, too, so don’t be shy to use your voice!))

What my Boss does to me...

  • cedapersonnel:

    "HR to HQ. You there, boss?"

  • survivor-records:

    "Is this the incompetent girl who told me to get comfortable?"

  • cedapersonnel:

    "Yes, this is she. Are you comfortable? Did you find yourself a cushion for your chair, old lady?"

  • survivor-records:

    "How about yourself? Save any survivors yet? Or still fresh out of luck on that front?"

  • cedapersonnel:

    "No soldiers have returned yet. How about that cure, hm, doctor?"

  • survivor-records:

    "Working on it. You should try it sometime. Maybe you'd actually be able to do your job."

  • cedapersonnel:

    "My job is to actually relay information from you to the masses. Your job is to stay cozy in your lab and ensure that the cure is found. Or have you started to go senile on everyone and there's actually no hope?"

  • survivor-records:

    "I guess everyone in CEDA is the same then."

  • cedapersonnel:

    "How do you figure that about--I mean out?"

  • survivor-records:

    "When you learn to speak, I'll let you know."

  • cedapersonnel:


  • survivor-records:

    "I'm too busy to speak to imbeciles." *turns of radio*

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